2020 GABF Submission Sampler Pack: 4 x 12oz Cans


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Sample our future gold medal winners at Great American Beer Fest!  (No judging has currently taken place.)  This sample includes a 12oz can of each:

Uncle Jay’s/ Golden Belgium Strong/ ABV: 9.5%// Characteristically dry and boozy with subtle spice and citrus.

Katherine/ Belgium Style Saison/ ABV: 6.5%// Crisp with refined fruit-driven esters and delicate herbal hop complexity.

Violet Crown/ Black Current Fruited Kettle Sour/ ABV: 5.8%// Fruited with elegant black current and taut acidity.

Baby Don’t Hurt Me/ Strawberry Fruited Kettle Sour/ ABV 5.9%// Bright and sweet strawberries balance the elegantly acidic base.



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